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You’re just cruising right along and doing well with creating positive vibrations while visualizing what you want life to be and then one of those negative feeling experiences pops up and throws you off course. Instead of shifting focus toward a more positive thought, you fall into the worry and anxiety that came along with the challenging experience. You react and fall right into the hands of that negative experience and you can’t possibly think of an appreciative moment when it is happening.

You see, how you react toward a challenging experience is a part of the inner work to taking life to a more positive vibration. We all know how to be positive on those days that feel oh so good and fine, but it is on those days where we feel off or have challenges, that it can be hard for us to focus on the positive.

This is what is meant by inner work when creating a positive life experience. That negative experience provides a resistant like feeling within that takes us to a place of reacting negatively as well. We can nip it if we stay conscious of the resistance that is creeping up in a situation. You can feel it…it feels off and not good.  And the more you hear the bad news, the worse it seems to get.  You really do have a choice in that moment of how you think, feel, and react.

You can do your best to deal with the situation but from a neutral place within if you can’t get to a positive vibration. Find your calm and balance within before taking care of what needs to be taken care of. Keep taking a breath in and exhaling out and visualizing stress leaving your body. Inhale in fresh air that you visualized full of positive light vibrations. Tell your mind to relax the shoulders and neck on the exhale breath and keep it up until you feel you are in a better place to shift toward a better thought and feeling.

Look at the experience from a bigger picture instead of the small aspect you are seeing it from. Believe and trust that all is unfolding just right for your life even during this challenge. Walk hand and hand with the Universe as you get through it and keep shifting toward what you appreciate and what is good.

How you react to a challenge is a part of the inner work toward getting to where you want to be. The more positive vibrations you emit, the more you will have come into your life.

Practice makes perfect my friend. 🙂