There are times where we can get so used to life being a certain way, that when we want a change, we have to be diligent and determined to create that change.  Some ways can be a habit that we just automatically fall into.

In order to change your life, it begins with your thoughts and your beliefs.  And to change thoughts and beliefs; it takes being conscious of letting go of the old way and replacing it with a new way. This takes practice and the mind will slip back into its old ways when we forget.

So how do we remember?  We plant messages for ourselves so that it will continually guide us to remembering to let go of the old way of thought and embrace the new way.

Write a note and put it by your phone, your desk, in your car, and in all those places that you will look.  If you don’t want others to see what you are thinking, then just write the word ‘remember’ or ‘get back on the horse’ or maybe just an arrow.  Just put reminders to keep your mind fresh on what you are wanting to achieve.

It begins with your thoughts and feelings my friend. Do all you can to make that conscious effort to make a positive change. It will change your life experience…