beth mccain 6657

Keep in mind and heart about how this beautiful earth ‘is.’ Every inter we know that spring is right around the corner. And after the spring, we know that summer will be here followed by fall. It never fails. It is a constant.  The cycles of this earth ebb and flow every single year.  So just as the winter may come, we trust that the ice will melt and we will have a beautiful spring coming our way.

Not only that, the day will always come after the night.  It is a cycle that we can trust and expect. You can also trust and expect that any experience that feels so very challenging, that it will ebb and fade as a new beginning will come about.   No matter what, the rain turns into the rainbow, the night turns into the day, the winter turns into spring, and a negative feeling experience in life will turn a corner and you will move on from the vibration to a better positive vibration for your life.

Trust and expect my friend…