time to release

Whether you are hanging on to the past or a certain experience that you have had that you just keep mulling over in your mind and heart; there is a point where you just have to let it go. There is no reason to hang on to a past that is hurtful or mull over an negative experience until it just takes over your everyday thoughts. Just learn what you can from the experience and then make a conscious effort to let the vibration go.

You will find that when you let it go, something amazing happens. The experience will either come back to you healed or life will open up and expand beyond where your vibration was bringing you something much better in its place.

Anything that we let go of is always replaced with something else. Let go of the old and if you keep a positive frame of mind, then the new will come in to replace the old.

It may take some practice of over and over again but you eventually will be able to release the past or that negative experience if you keep trying. Then shift your focus toward a better feeling vibration. Those vibrations will begin to build into your present and your future and you will think and feel less and less about the negative experience you may have had as you keep shifting focus toward a more appreciative thought and feeling.