beth mccain quotes 778

You can never tell what another is really like unless you let go of what you perceive to see. Let’s say you are at the laundromat and there are two couples. One couple has dirty clothes on and dirt on their faces and the other couple looks well to do.  The moment you see them, you begin the thoughts ‘They’re dirty. How could they not care about what their kids look like?  They must not take care of their children.’  And maybe you look at the other couple and make a story within your mind that they probably just had a washer break down and had to do laundry because they don’t look like they belong here.

Either way a judgment and assumption have been made about both couples based on what you think.

Then as you watch them, you find that the dirty couple is laughing, enjoying each other, and having fun with their kids. They’re talking about the great time they had planting trees in the forest and didn’t have time to go home before doing the laundry. They are making plans on who gets to use the bathtub first.

The well to do couple begins to argue about how much they hate their parents and how the parents deserved everything they had coming to them; especially after the well to do couple had just robbed their own parents and that is where their clothes came from. They have a sense of entitlement about them.

Give everyone that benefit of the doubt before you begin making assumptions and judgments. You can never know who someone is by what they wear or how they carry themselves in the few moments you come across their lives.

You can’t always judge a book by its cover my friend.