No matter what you are experiencing, no matter what another says or does in your life, no matter if the day leads into a positive or a negative kind of day, no matter if your life isn’t where you want it to be right now; you can take control of where your life heads.

It has and always will be your choice where your thoughts, feelings, reactions, and actions head.  And what you do with your thought and feeling is the direction your life will go.

Upset, afraid, and worried will take you in one direction. Trust in the Universe, thinking higher vibrations,shifting focus toward a more positive thought, and appreciation will take you in another direction. Mix of the negative and positive thoughts and feelings and that will take you in a whole other direction.

But no matter what direction you head, you do have control of your life.  Be conscious of where you take your thoughts in every experience because it is taking you in a direction.  When you stay conscious of your thoughts and feelings, then you can let go of what doesn’t feel good for your life and shift focus to what does feel good for your life, and this will create a direction that you want your life to be in.

No matter what, you do have control of your life experiences and vibrations when you make the effort to be conscious and change if need be.