beth mccain 4453

No matter how much you think you know another; you can’t possibly know what they are thinking. We can only assume that we know why they do what they do and say what they say but no two perceptions of this life experience are the the same. Our perceptions of what we think and feel are all based on our own personal beliefs, experiences, perceptions, upbringings, and culture. With so many unique ways of looking at another, we can only assume we know another and their motives.

What if instead of assuming you know, you just step back and observe instead?  Instead of creating a judgment about this and that, why not just ‘be’ and see where it leads?  You may find that your mind and heart open up in a whole other way then when you feel you have to make some kind of judgment or comparison.

Let others be who they are and if it is bothering you then make an effort to let go and release the resistant vibrations you might be feeling but also release the need to vilify that person or justify your thoughts and actions.  Why not just deal with the situation from the highest of positive vibrations and let go of the need to pick at another even if it is within just your mind.

We are all experiencing life in the best way we think.  We can experience life without comparing ourselves and judging others, don’t you think?