beth mccain 221

What direction are you going to take today?  Are you going to let life’s moments make you afraid or make you worry? Or are you going to let life’s moments show you appreciation and make you feel positive?

Your life experiences don’t have the control of the direction you take; it is your own thoughts, feelings, reactions, and actions that control the direction.

No matter what kind of experience you may be having, you have a choice where you it leads.  You can let go and release the fear, worry, and upset vibrations while shifting your focus toward a more positive vibration as it is unfolding or you can succumb to the vibrations of worry, fear, and upset which will only create more in your life.

Think about where you take your thoughts today. If you come up against a challenging experience, just remember that you do have a choice in the direction through your thoughts. You can feel better and think more positive. And if you can’t find the positive, you can always find the balance within as you get through the resistant feeling experience.

Be aware of your ability to make a choice of the direction your moments go and then do the inner work to take you to where you want to be.