time to release

Worry can sure take up a lot of time, can’t it?  It loves to build bigger and bigger stories within our mind and it says that it only has our best interest in mind.  It wants us to be aware of any and every thing that could go wrong so we are prepared and ready. Yet it makes us feel negative and anxious.  Worry actually creates more stress than life experiences. Worry is like little seeds of negative prayer that builds the worst case scenario ‘just in case.’ Worry can be quite the taskmaster, can’t it?

What would you be without your worry?  What would happen if each time worry came to mind and heart, that you let it go and trust that all is well and will be well. What if you shifted your focus toward thinking or the best case scenario?  What if you let go of the worry and put your focus on the present and not what ‘might’ happen in the future? What if you really made an effort to focus on what you appreciate in this moment and let go of worry knowing that the Universe has your back and no matter what an experience may feel like, that it is helping to guide us to a better more positive vibration.

Do the inner work and choose the direction you are taking your thoughts and feelings today. Let the worry go and let the positive vibrations in.