beth mccain 793

It only takes a moment to be conscious of what you are thinking and feeling; and that moment is all you need to let go of a destructive repetitive thought pattern and to shift focus toward a more positive vibration.

Be conscious of your thoughts today and do your best to do the inner work to create a better more positive life through your thoughts.  This means letting go of judging yourself and/or others, letting go of anxiety and fear while trusting that all is unfold in the best time for your life, and shifting focus over and over again if you must, to what you can appreciate in your day instead of what you complain about.

Little by little you will find that life will begin to take on a whole different perspective. Life will be more positive and so will your experiences.  You’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought of it earlier.

If a negative experience comes about, take a moment to be conscious of it, take care of it, but also shift your perspective to realizing that this negative experience is just a way of helping to guide you in a different direction or to take you to a higher positive vibration. How you respond is where you do the inner work.

We are all works in progress but you get to choose any direction you want.