step by step

We all look forward to something in our near future; a dinner date, a good meal, a paycheck, a vacation.  When we think of our future, we can think in a way that we see the end result coming about and that we are happy, but after you have established how great it will be, it is time to get back to enjoying and appreciating the moments you are in.

You see, what you appreciate in this moment is what will help guide you to the next moment. If our head is always in the future then our dreams will always be in the future. Yet if we live in the this moment with the feelings of what we would like our future to be, then we are creating fertile soil for our dreams to grow in.

So how about today you stay conscious of where your thought is going? Take the time to let go of any worries and to let go of how your future will come about and appreciate this moment while envisioning the emotions you want to feel in your near future. By doing this, you will be creating open doors to the present and the future.

Create a positive ‘in the now’ kind of vibration my friend. It will do wonders not only for your present but your future.