Do you catch yourself judging others on how they look, dress, or act?  Judging others is like judging a flower for the color it blooms.  You see, we are all unique in the way we look, think, perceive, and act. And just because someone wears clothes that you wouldn’t wear or has thick eye liner that you wouldn’t be caught dead in, doesn’t mean that they are any less or any more than you are. They have a choice and they like their choice; just as you have a choice in what you wear and ‘are.’

So why not just let go of the need to judge others when they are doing just what you are; living life in the best way they see fit for their lives. So next time you come across someone with bright pink hair, just smile and let go of the judgment. They have every right to be original just as you are. When you find yourself seeing with judgment; take a moment to step back from your thoughts, and let go of your judgment while you accept who they are; a spiritual being having a physical experience.enlightenment

Respect and honor your fellow human beings. Just because you may disagree about the right way to ‘be,’ doesn’t mean anyone is wrong…just unique my friend.