Most everyone could use more abundance in their life.  Whether it is an abundance of wealth, of friends, of good fortune, of joy; abundance comes in many forms. The ‘energy’ of abundance is the same kind of vibration no matter what aspect of life you would like it in. The best way to create abundance is to understand and acknowledge the abundance that is already in your life.

Begin by being conscious of all the abundance that is in your life today.  It doesn’t matter what kind of abundance you are conscious of; just something that there is an abundance of right now.  The sky is abundant, don’t you think? That penny on the ground is abundance. The laughter of many people at once is abundance. The traffic is full of abundance in cars. Keep open to all abundance in your day.  Acknowledge it and appreciate it without judgment.

As you keep open to the abundance you have now, acknowledge, and appreciate it; you are creating abundant vibrations in that moment.  The more abundant vibrations, the more abundance in all aspects of your life.

And before you know it, if you keep up the inner work of being conscious, you will find that abundance begins to appear and find you.