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Every single experience gives you the chance to take your thoughts and feelings in any direction. Some of those experiences are challenging and some of those experiences are magical but no matter what those experiences are; you have a choice in the direction your life will head based on your thoughts, feelings, and reactions.

If someone upsets you, you can get involved in the hurt and really feel bad about yourself or angry at that person.  Or you can let go of the hurt, deal with the experience by stepping back and looking at the experience from all sides finding an understanding as to why they said what they did and create a higher positive vibration that rises above their actions.

Every experience gives us a chance to learn from and to take a higher more positive vibration. We are still taking care of the experience but from a higher understanding without the negative.

And that is where the inner work is. Once we become conscious of the choices we have, we can then begin changing our thought and perception patterns to reflect a more positive state of mind.