mini vacation

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.  Have you heard that saying before? When all you do is work and think about the next thing that has to be done, then you are ignoring the best part of who you are. You use your mind and body for all the work and the physical things in this world but your spirit is your compass.  To be open and feel the direction that your compass within knows to go, you need to give your spirit time to be open, free, and unlimited. Take the time to relax, ‘be’, and enjoy in some way.  Write, listen to music, take a walk…do something that makes your spirit feel positive. By connecting within, you will be able to connect to the compass within and following your compass will create a better more positive meaningful life.

How about taking some time to ‘just be’ and really appreciate your compass within? Connect to it and listen to what it has to say and feel.  You will be pleasantly surprised where it will take you.