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There can be people in our lives that we wish we could change. Yet when we get together with them, they seem to say the same hurtful things about you or others. You take in their vibration and get hurt by their thoughts and actions wishing they would change for the better.

Here’s the thing; the change has to happen within you.

Look at the tiger for a moment. A tiger is who he is and no matter how you treat him, he is always going to be the same. You can’t change a tiger’s stripes just like you can’t change another. When you see that the way they ‘are’ is just a part of who they are then you find that you are the one that has to do the changing to make it so that person doesn’t affect your vibration anymore.

Would you be mad at a tiger because he can’t change his stripes?  Not at all; you would accept the tiger as he is but would take precautions when you were around him because you know his ways won’t change.

Take some precautions and accept that tiger in your life. You are the one that can change how you think and feel so that it no longer affects you.