Everyone has challenging experiences in their life.  It is a part of being a spiritual being have a physical experience and living in a physical world that has rules, laws, and physical limits. But what is unlimited and is something we always have, is our ability to create through our thought, feelings, reactions, and actions. And that is where we have unlimited possibilities.

Thinking positive isn’t about denying or avoiding what is in front of us as we experience.  Thinking positive actually create a vibration of balance, calm, and wellness in our lives. It can create open doors where we thought the doors were all closed.

You see, creating a positive vibration in all we do, even in those challenging experiences, can create solutions, moving on to better things for ourselves, and a better more positive life.

It takes inner work no question because we seem to naturally want to fall into the moping and coping and ‘why me’ kind of thought but what if you trusted that every experience was a part of taking you to where you want to be and how you get through it is the key.

Yes, you have  a choice.  Trust the Universe and trust yourself. Let the Universe answer your call and let your call be outright positive.