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Many have those family members or friends that get us all tied up in a knot.  We dread seeing them, we have to play nice for the rest of the family, and we just can’t seem to understand why they are who they are.  We blame them for ruining the party and begin to resent them being a part of our lives; yet they are someone who has to be a part of your life because they are family or a close family friend.   And around the holidays, you begin to resent them before you’ve even seen them.

Guess what?  You know that person who is upsetting you and others, making you resent having to be a part of their life, and blaming them for all the woes in a family gathering…it is no longer about them but is about you now. You see, they are going to be in your life no matter what and how they affect you is up to you. Yes, they are going to be just as annoying or rude but it is now up to you whether you let it affect you or not.  Their vibration doesn’t have to be a part of your vibration.

Resentment and blame can only be felt and thought of if you are the one who is doing the resenting and blaming.  No matter how negative they may become, they are who they are. They’re not going to change (unless they choose to) so this means it is up to you to change how you think and feel about the situation so you don’t build up the negative vibrations of resentment and blame.

Next time you come across being in the same room with them, take a deep breath in and exhale out letting go of negative vibrations you are having. You have better vibrations to focus on. Let go of resentment and shift your focus toward something more positive and appreciative.

You have a choice…