beth mccain 791

What another thinks about your life is none of your business.  No really, think about that statement for  moment. What opinions another has about what you do, say, and be in life doesn’t have any effect on your life and isn’t any of your business unless you let it be your business.

Everyone has an opinion about something and sometimes others think because they have been through an experience similar to yours, that their advice is the best thing since sliced bread.  It can be good advice but remember that even if two experiences are exactly the same that are experienced by two different people, then the thoughts, feelings, and reactions in the experiences are going to be completely different because no two people are the same.  We all do things differently and see things differently. We act differently and experience life differently.

You can respect them for their opinion but you don’t have to take part in the opinion if it doesn’t ring true with your truth.

When we attach to another and their opinion of our life, then we begin to change our own thoughts, feelings, and actions about our lives. We begin to take the opinion and use it either to compare ourselves and try to change to please another or we use it to become frustrated with another. It is our choice what we do with opinion.  We can let it go or we can hold on to it.  Either way, it becomes a part of our own vibration and life.

Pick what feels good and positive for your life my friend. Opinions are just words unless we make more out of them.