beth mccain 793

How you treat others will come back to your own life in some way.  Be conscious of how you speak with others and keep a kind and compassionate understanding of whomever comes into your life.

If they are being rude and opinionated then do your best to detach from their thought vibration and treat them in a way that doesn’t mimic their way. When we take on another who is being rude and we become a part of the rudeness by insulting right back, we are creating the very vibration of what they are sending to you.  This means you are carrying on the same kind of vibration.  That is how negative vibrations can keep going, but if you choose to not be a part of what they are spewing, taking a moment to balance within, and remember kindness and compassion, then you will be creating a much higher more positive vibration for your life.

Are you the one doing the spewing and having a bad day?  Are you blaming cashiers for the littlest thing that isn’t really their fault but is policy of the store?  Are you making another miserable because you have to be right or get a good deal somehow? If you are, then you are the one creating a negative vibration toward others.  You don’t want to be that person, right?  Be conscious of how you are treating others as well.

We all are in this together so let’s be respectful and honor one another instead of blaming and just being negative toward others. How about we be conscious of what and how we say to another so that we can create a strong positive vibration out into this world and into our lives.

Be kind and compassionate my friend…