beth mccain 783

We all have them, you know, those tasks that you just don’t want to have to do.  Yet even in doing things we don’t really want to do, we get to choose where we take our thought vibrations. Those tasks such as cleaning out the garage, or finishing up a paper, or that meeting you have to prepare for; you have a choice in how you handle them.

You can be upset, throw a fit, shake your fists to the sky, and get it done with a full on negative vibration because you don’t want to be doing it OR you can accept that it is going to have to be done, appreciate the ability of getting it done, and get through it with a better thought and feeling knowing that you will have it finished up in no time.

You see, one way creates a negative vibration that will just build more of the same and the other way will create a calm balanced, positive vibration that will build you more of the same as well.

Either way, you get to choose the direction. Creating a more positive vibration will guide you to a better feeling life experience my friend.