Rainbow over the Muldrow Glacier

It is your choice my friend.  You have always had the choice where your life is headed. I know that sometimes it may not feel that way.  You may feel like life takes you where it wants to.  But where you take your thoughts and feelings is your key to having a more positive life experience.

Challenges happen with everyone. We live in a world that changes each and every day yet we still have the ability to direct our moments through where we take our thoughts.

In a challenge, we can either become a part of the negative within that challenge or we can deal with the challenge as well as keep a positive higher vibration about it all.

This means you want to be conscious of where you take your thoughts and feelings. If the negative pops up, then do your best to let go of the feeling through a deep breath and exhaling, and then shift your focus toward a better positive vibration.  You can do this through finding what you appreciate in your moments and instead of worrying about the worst case scenario focus on what could be the best case scenario.

It may take over and over again to get in the habit of letting go and shifting focus but that is a part of the inner work of getting there.

Every experience is a part of taking you to where you want to be.  Yes, even the challenging ones. Every experience gives you a chance to create a vibration of where you want to be.

It is all in your thought, feeling, and action choices.  You can do this!