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Sometimes it can be challenging to find the time to sit down, clear the mind and heart, and meditate in the traditional way, but there are ways to have mini meditations that will rejuvenate your spirit and energy and it takes just a moment or two.

So why is meditation important to our lives?  It helps us to clear out the cobwebs in the mind and in that focused silence we make space within for the solutions and answers we may be looking for. When we clear the mind, we are opening up to the Universal higher connection and we are then open to answers that may just pop in the mind or slowly reveal themselves. Either way, meditation can help with focus, creating positive vibrations, and to let go of stress.

Take a moment right now to tell your mind to relax your shoulders and neck.  Take a deep breath in focusing on your breath and exhale as you relax your shoulders and neck even more. Close your eyes and take another focused breath, only thinking of being conscious of your breath and then exhale out any resistant feeling vibrations. On the next inhale, visualize breathing in positive light filled vibrations, and then exhale the negative once again.  Keep doing this until you feel calm and at ease.

You just did a mini meditation that will help guide you to where you want to be. And it only took a few moments.  Meditation is one of the keys toward creating the life you truly want.