beth mccain 221

There are times in life where you get stuck in traffic or get delayed in some way.  Sometimes those delays are deliberate when it comes to the Universe.

I had an experience today where I was driving to a store and was all of a sudden hit with a headache.  It was the kind of headache that I needed to some kind of relief pretty quick so instead going to the store I was going to go to, I took a slight detour to grab a coffee.  The caffeine in the coffee helps for the headache to leave which it did.  I then headed over to the store I had originally intended to go to but just a little later.

There was a young couple with a baby and a small dog with their bags. Her alcoholic father had dumped the young family out of the house while in a drunken rage. This had just happened not a few seconds earlier. I got them some help and a couple of others pitched in as well.

If I hadn’t of had the headache, I would have been to the store sooner and would have missed the opportunity to help the young family. And they might have not gotten help.

The next time you get stuck in traffic or get detoured, just go with the flow of it. You can never know what opportunity will be presented or even possibly a missed car accident.  Trust the Universe and where it takes you in a day.