The Universe is never against you my friend.  It is always on your side. No matter what you experience, the Universe is right by your side and supporting and loving you.

So when you have an experience that feels less than positive, remember that you have a choice in the direction the experience will lead. The Universe didn’t hand you a negative experience; the Universe brought an experience to you to help guide you to where you want to be and it is your choice where you head depending on your thoughts, feelings, and reactions.

Every experience is leading you to where you want to be in life.  Remember that no matter what the experience that all is well and will be well. Keep that in mind and heart as you choose the direction of your life path. Just because an experience is a little uncomfortable, doesn’t mean that you aren’t heading in the right direction for your life. Do the inner work needed to take a higher more positive vibration. You will find that the less than positive experience was a catapult toward the higher more positive experience.

It’s up to you my friend.