What do you think would happen if you put kindness and compassion first in every experience you have?

What if someone was giving their opinion in a way that is judgmental and assuming about your life?  How would you react?  Would you be hurt or maybe get angry and defend yourself?  Maybe you wouldn’t say a word but inside your mind you would be saying plenty?

What if you approached the situation with kindness and compassion?  You see, when we have an experience that is less than positive, it is then the perfect moment to do the inner work toward creating a more positive vibration for yourself and the experience. So what if another judges you?  You know who you are and their judgment only affects you if you let it.  You don’t have to prove a thing. What if you heard what they said and then just brushed it off your shoulders and did your best to understand why they are who they are (maybe they came from a judgmental background and they know nothing any different)?  It doesn’t make it right what they said but it can make it more understandable if you can see why they are who they are and say what they say.  Then you can let it go and continue creating a higher vibration.

When you respond in kindness, then that is what you vibrate out into the Universe that will come back to you in some form.  When you respond with the same kind of mean attitude that they have, then you are creating more of the meanness for your own life.

Can you do it?  Can you create a positive vibration in all experiences? 🙂  It may take a little inner work but I know you can do it.