do you stereotype

We come in all different shapes, forms, and sizes.  We all have a unique take on life and we are all different with how we think, act, and feel. Yet in some way, we are all the same, aren’t we?  We are all spiritual beings having a physical experience.  We are experiencing in the best way that we know how for our lives.

We can either respect how another chooses their life experiences or we can talk about how wrong they are for the way they live their life.  One way means we accept and move on from judgment or assumptions of what we think is right and we respectfully let others be who they are even if we don’t agree with them or we can gossip, talk, judge, and assume about their life and create an resistant upset kind of vibration that doesn’t necessarily affect their life but affects our own vibration.

How about respecting another for their opinion and just leave it at that?  We don’t have to be right at all; we can live our lives the way we choose and let others live their lives in the way they choose.