beth mccain 4445

For just a moment, I want you to think about what it feels like to swim.  You know, just enjoying the water, relaxing, and just floating.  Now let’s say you are in a nice pond that just happens to have waterfalls and you want to get up beyond those waterfalls so you swim against the current doing all you can to get past the rough water.  You swim against the current until you just can’t do it anymore. You let go of going against it and just let yourself float downstream.  Somewhere along that downstream, there is another channel of water that takes you on a different route and you just let yourself float where ever it is going to lead. And after letting go and floating, you find that this other calm way led you straight to the top of the waterfalls where you had wanted to be.  You got there without the struggle.

Our vibrations are just like that. We can swim against the current and where ourselves out and never quite get there or we can let go, float without the resistant vibration, let the Universe take us down that alternate route, and end up exactly where we wanted to be with ease.

I’ll take ease.  What about you?