beth mccain 221

When our mind is on automatic, we can forget to stop and enjoy the scenery of life.  And when we don’t enjoy the moments of life, then we begin to wonder what life is truly about. We get stuck in the rut of the same old thing and can’t figure out how we got to where we are.

Take this moment and stop all that you are thinking and take a look around the room.  If you are outside, take a moment to see what is around you. Just for a moment take a deep breath in and then in the exhale relax your shoulders and neck.  Now look around you.  Really look around you. What is beautiful that is in your presence or what is pleasing to your heart or your eyes. What makes you feel good about life.  It may be just a little post it note with a quote on it or it may be something much bigger. Either way just take a moment to soak in the good, the positive, and what you appreciate. Those moments are like breaths of fresh air and can help to lift our vibrations which ultimately help guide us to a better feeling place within.

Take a moment to appreciate life my friend.