beth mccain 793

What if today was the day where the gates of happiness just come wide open and you walk right through its doors?  What if you took this day and were conscious of happiness all day.  You know, things that make you happy, thoughts that make you feel happy, and experiences that bring happiness to you.  What if today you focused only on happiness in each moment and you created happiness with your thoughts and feelings no matter what the experience.

Happiness doesn’t just come to you; you have to create and be conscious of happiness. No matter of things and experiences are going to make you happy. Sure, they may distract you thinking you’re happy but truly, happiness can only come from within you.

You can start today imagining that you are only able to be happy today.  If you get upset, just pick yourself back up, and shift your focus toward what makes you happy today.

Those vibrations will bring you more happiness my friend.  Begin today…