time to release

Sometimes worrying can just be automatic.  We can find ourselves feeling agitated and not know why and then all of a sudden, we are caught up in the worry cycle.  Worrying comes from wondering ‘what if’ in our life experiences.  We create that worse case scenario and work ourselves up into full blown anxiety. There is a way to stop worrying but it will take you being conscious of your thoughts and moments while shifting your focus toward a more positive vibration.

In this moment, all is well, isn’t it?  You are reading this and taking a moment to feel that ‘all is well’ positive kind of thought. You see, really, even in the mists of challenges, all truly is well. This Universe is all for you and if an experience goes down a negative feeling road it has nothing to do with you not getting the life you want. It has to do with what you do in thought and feeling, with that negative feeling experience. You can step aside from the thoughts of worry and trust that by taking care og the experience with a positive higher thought, then the Universe will take care of the rest. That negative experience is giving you a chance to shift your vibration.  That experience is there to help guide you to where you want to be.  Do the inner work and let go of the worry and trust that all is well and will be well as you shift toward a more positive vibration.

Why not create a best case scenario instead?  Those closed doors are just pointing you to hundreds of open doors my friend.