Your thoughts create your world. So if that is truth then this means that all you have to do is change your thought to change your world. Some say that it is easier said than done.

And some wonder is it worth it to make that thought change.  It is worth it my friend.

If you are living your life and just aren’t quite happy or seem to feel as if all life does is give you negative experiences, or maybe you are content with life but want more happiness and more of what you want in life, then yes…it is worth it.

Yes, it takes time to change an old habit of thought to a new habit, yes, you have to do the inner work toward letting go of the past resistant vibrations so that you can move forward with a clean slate, and yes, it does require looking within at your personal beliefs and perceptions to see if they truly match what you want life to be, but all of it is worth it.

When you find that place where each experience is no longer negative or positive but just another experience to help guide you to where you want to be, and you find that place where you acknowledge and appreciate all that is happening in your life, and you consciously let go of the old patterns and shift toward a better feeling vibration while dealing with experiences, you will find that life itself has changed because you have change your outlook on life.  You’ve shifted from seeing and acknowledging the negative in life and chose to shift to the positive.

Do the inner work and you will have a life of what you truly want to feel my friend.