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Have you ever had to shake off going down the road of the past within your mind?  Or maybe you have to shake off worrying about the future?  It’s true what they say; the past is gone and the future is yet to be. You have this moment, this present moment, to choose the direction you are headed.

You see, you have always had a choice in where your thoughts, perceptions, and beliefs go.  You can live in the memories of the past but by living in those past moments, you are creating more experiences that feel like that past.  And if you worry about your future, then you are creating experiences for your future that you have to worry about.

But if you stay in this moment, while letting go of negative feeling thoughts of the past or the future, and shifting your focus to what is good in this day, acknowledging and appreciating all there is right now, then you are creating a future with more positive feeling experiences.

You get to choose today. Is it easy to shift to a better thought?  Well, that is where the inner work comes in. It is up to you to let go, shift focus, trust this Universe, and be grateful.  It is up to you to put a positive intention on this day.  And if you fall off the horse then you can brush yourself off and begin again.  You always have a new moment to create the direction of where you want to go.