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Sometimes we can get so caught in all that is happening in life that we can forget to take time to nurture ourselves not realizing that taking care of ourselves will actually give us more energy and a clearer state of mind, body, and spirit.

Take some time to ‘just be’ today.  If you don’t have time for a walk or listening to some music, just take some deep relaxing breathes in and out while focusing on the act of breathing.  Just a few moments of focusing on ‘just being,’ will give you a feeling of balance and calm within.  And that calm from within will then show in your life experience.

It is important to nurture all of who we are from our mind to our body to our spirit. By relaxing and resting, you’re not doing nothing; you are creating a clearer channel to focus and create a more positive vibration as you directly connect to the vibration of the Universe through ‘being.’