What do you want most in your life?  Is it abundance or maybe peace of mind?  Maybe it is to be loved and appreciated?  No matter what you want, the first step to creating what you want through your personal vibrations is to be conscious of what you already have.  For example, let’s say you want peace of mind in your life. For today, be conscious of the moments where you feel a bit of peace of mind.  Maybe you took a walk that gave you that feeling or maybe talking with  friend brought you peace of mind.  The key is to be conscious of those moments when you feel peace of mind.  Sure, you want it in more areas of your life and bigger but acknowledge and appreciate it being in your life right now even if it is small.

As you acknowledge and appreciate the very vibration of peace of mind, then you are opening up yourself to more experiences with bigger results of peace of mind. But you have to first see it in your life and acknowledge it is there.

Find your peace of mind in your day and appreciate every moment that you are shown just that. You will be opening up to the very thing you desire in life.