beth 787

When in doubt, think love, kindness, and compassion. Anytime that you get in a place where you feel fear, anxiety, or doubt, begin looking around for something or someone that you appreciate, that you can be kind and have compassion for, and think of what you love in your life experience…even if it is a tube of lipstick that you love…just shift focus toward the higher positive vibrations.

At first, it may be challenging but the more you are able to let go of the anxiety and doubt, and shift to a better feeling thought, you will be shifting your complete vibration.

Let go of the anxiety, fear, and doubt and remind yourself that you are not alone in this Universe. You have the Universe on your side every single moment and if something doesn’t turn out just as you wanted it to, it doesn’t mean that it is all over; it just means that you are being guided in another direction toward where you want to be.

Trust my friend and shift your focus.