mini vacation

We don’t want to avoid, ignore, or deny our negative thoughts and feelings.  That will only bury them within and create more resistant vibrations.  What you want to do is consciously let go of them.  You first have to be aware that you are having negative thoughts and feelings, and then let your mind know that you are not choosing those kinds of thoughts and feelings about a life experience you are having.

You will still have the experience that may be making you resort to the negative but when you consciously tell the mind that you are doing it another way, and then you shift your focus toward a more positive thought and feeling, then you can still take care of the experience but now with a positive higher vibration.

So how do you shift your focus when you are wrapped up in negativity?  You take a moment to close your eyes, take a deep breath in, focusing on your breath, tell the mind to relax the shoulders and neck, and then exhale ‘out’ the negativity while going within to that calm place of balance that resides within you.

When learning to change a habit, you want to have something in its place to replace it. When you have a negative vibration, then do the above breathing exercise until you have calmed your mind down and then think of what the opposite of that negative could be. If you have a challenging time with it, then shift your focus toward something that you can appreciate that is in your life.right now. There is nothing else that shoos away negative vibrations like appreciation and gratitude.

It takes practice but it is worth it. You will find that you will breeze through challenges with this new way of thought. And a wonderful side effect of consciously letting go of the negativity is a more positive life experience.