giving and receiving

There are times where we want an answer so badly that we hang on tight to the problem itself. We may want it to go a certain way and get impatience when things go a whole other way. The more we brood over the experience, the more we create resistant feeling thought vibrations that are actually doing more harm than good.

When we have an experience and we are holding on tight to what we think the outcome should be, then that is the moment to be conscious of what is being thought of and let go instead of holding tight. When we let go and expect and believe that however it turns out is the right direction, then we release that ‘holding on’ vibration and we move forward in a higher more positive direction. By letting go, we let the resistant feeling vibration go and we open up our vibrations to movement from where we are. It will then move on from the current vibration of where you don’t want to be and guide you to an experience that will create much more understanding of all that is happening.

Remember to use your feelings as a gauge to what direction you want to go in. If you are feeling down, off, frustrated, or any other of the resistant vibrations, then you know that you should shift focus toward  a better feeling thought direction.  If you are feeling good and positive, then you know you are heading in the right direction.

So where will you take your vibration today?