beth mccain quotes 778

For every ending there is always a new beginning.  And how you get through that ending will help guide you to that new beginning.

You see, every single day is new. The old day fades away and the new day comes about. This is the way it is with all cycles in life.

Nature is the perfect example of the cycles of letting go of the old to embrace the new. From the seasons to the ebb and flow of the ocean from the seeds dying off a tree and replanting themselves to become new in another form.

When we let go of the vibration of endings and shift our focus to the new that will come about, then we are creating new beginnings in that moment.  How we shift our focus is our choice.  If our choice is stay in that past ending, then we will be creating a beginning that may be similar to the past ending.  But if we choose to let go of the ending and create a positive higher thought and feeling toward a new beginning, then the new beginnings will be full of higher positive vibrations, hope, and inspiration.

Let the ending go with a strong thought of love, understanding, and appreciation. That ending is helping you to get to where you want to be in your life experience.

Look toward a new beginning and see it full of all that you want life to be from a strong focus on appreciation and the positive in life.

Choose the higher positive path my friend.