There are moments in life that can make you wonder if you will ever feel good again.  You know those moments where something feels as if it is so challenging that you can’t seem to find an appreciative thought anywhere?

In those moments, the first thing you want to do is be conscious of when the negative thoughts and feelings come up.  When they come up, take a moment to close your eyes, breath in deep, and then tell the mind to let go by relaxing the shoulders and neck. Then exhale ‘into’ that calm connection within that is connected to the Universal energy. Do this a couple of times to find some balance within.

Know that all experiences are temporary and they will pass.  Anytime you shine light on darkness, there can be no darkness any longer. Even if you can’t think of a positive vibration, you can see within your mind and heart that you shining light will help the experience.  So how do you shine your light on that darkness you may feel?  Begin with that breath we talked about and then see within your mind that you are turning on the light onto how you are thinking and feeling. Feel within the lighter and more positive vibration as you imagine that light shining.

Remember to trust the Universe and let go knowing all will come out in the best way possible for all concerned.  Take your thought, create a more positive vibration whether it is a walk in nature or listening to some music. Keep inner working to find that appreciation and let go of the negative vibration.

Little by little the negative vibration will let go as you keep shifting focus toward a better feeling and thought.

Doing the inner work is the only way to create the life you truly want my friend.