beth 787

There are times where we just want what we want right now, isn’t there?  And then we build impatience as we wait, and wait, and wait creating even more impatience and waiting.

What if I was to tell you that if you let go of the impatience, live in the moment while embracing the day with appreciation, and trusting that all will unfold just as it should that is best for your life, that life will begin to take the movement you are looking for.

You see, we can’t see the whole picture of what it is that we want and how to bring it into existence whereas the Universe can see the whole picture and knows exactly how and what experiences to bring to you to help guide you to where you want to be.  If what you want hasn’t come about, then look at each experience as a chance to take a higher positive vibration instead of getting into the ‘why this’ right now.

Take a higher vibration and let it unfold my friend. The Universe truly has your back. 🙂