nightie night

There are times where we may wonder if the Universe is truly on our side; especially when things don’t turn out as we thought they would.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret…the Universe is always on your side.  It is never against you.  Now you may wonder how that can be when you have had challenges that feels as if the Universe has up and left and just let everything fall.  But even in that moment the Universe wasn’t against you.

You see, we as humans are the ones that label experiences negative or positive based on how we think and feel but according to the Universe there is no negative or positive to an experience but just the vibration that it is using to answer what you have put out into the Universe.

What if you began to believe that no matter what the experience that the Universe is always on your side and that all is well and will be well no matter what an experience looks like?  What if you just did what needed to be done for your life in that challenging experience but kept a strong positive higher vibration through it knowing, trusting, and expecting that the experience is a part of the plan of helping you to get to where you want to be? What if your only job was to create a higher positive vibration in it all?

Guess what? It’s true my friend. What direction will you choose in one of those experiences?  Are you going to attach to the negative feeling and thought or let go of the negative and reach for a higher more positive vibration?  Either way, the Universe is for you and answering the vibration you sent out.