beth mccain 794

When you are waiting and waiting for an answer, the first thing you to do is  ask yourself if you are doing everything you can to get that answer.   If the answer is yes then that is the moment to tell yourself that you are doing all that you can and now it is up to the Universe for the answer. As long as you are putting out a vibration of trusting and knowing that the answer will come in the right time for your life, and that you are doing everything you can possibly do, then you can rest easy knowing that you can trust the Universe and let go of the fear and impatience.

Sometimes just letting go is what will create movement.  Our vibration can stop up the process if we are buying into vibrations of impatience, worry, and anxiety, but if we let go and trust that it will all unfold just as it should for the best for our lives and keep creating a positive vibration, then all will open up for the best in your life.

Let go, create a higher positive thought, and trust my friend.