beth mccain 783

Have you ever felt as if you have been just waiting from a sign from the Universe, any sign at all, and it feels as if the Universe is silent?  You ask and ask but nothing comes your way as you keep doing your best to create a positive vibration so that life will turn around?

Well guess what? No matter how much you feel stuck, how much you feel as if the Universe isn’t listening, no matter how much you feel like all you do is wait; there is always movement and signs.  You see, you can only see one small part of the bigger picture of your life whereas the Universe can see the whole picture. It knows where to place an experience to help you toward what you want. And it is you that has to remember to look at those experiences as stair steps to where you want to be. How you choose your next thought and feeling vibration in that experience is a part of getting you to where you want to be.

Every single day the Universe is communicating with you.  It may not be communicating in the exact way that you expected but it is showing you a reflection of what you think and feel in each day. Just because it has a different way, a better way, a detour, along your life road, doesn’t mean that you aren’t going where you are want to go. The Universe knows the best way.

And just because you don’t think you see a sign doesn’t mean they aren’t there. You have to look at it in the language of the Universe instead of pigeonholing what you think of only a few ways that it can be a sign.  The Universe brings signs to you all day long.  Open up to anything being a sign. If you think it is a sign, then it is.

Every single day you have the chance to keep going in the direction you are in or you can change it up.  It has, and always will be, your choice.

Is this blog post a sign from the Universe? If you have to ask, then it is! 🙂