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Appreciation is one of the higher positive vibrations that can come across your life’s path and you can soak in appreciation any time in the day. Sometimes we can get so caught up in getting things done or thinking about what we don’t have, that we forget that appreciation, in and of itself, can create some amazing vibrations and miracles.

Look around in this moment and ask yourself what you have to appreciate? Do this with all of your focus.  Maybe you are at work and surrounded by negative people…so what? You can still appreciate what is in your life.  What about that lunch you just had or that your hair was a breeze to fix this morning or your computer is acting perfectly. We always have time to appreciate and we always have something we can appreciate.

Begin an appreciation fest in this moment. Get wrapped up in the thoughts and feelings of how good it feels to appreciate all that is in your life. Build some higher positive vibrations through it all.  Let go of the negative and pour the appreciation on thick.

Appreciate the moments my friend.