Sometimes we can get to focusing on the things that we don’t like in life.  We get so caught up in the ‘don’t wants’ that we forget to be conscious of what we do want.

Be conscious of your focus today.  If your mind wanders to all that makes your day feel bad or negative, then adjust your focus and shift to all that is good and positive in your day.  When we get to focusing on the negative, we build these vibrations that make life seem worse somehow but when we focus on what we truly have in the day to appreciate and to be happy about, then life begins to feel better.

Ask yourself what you are focusing on today. If you’re feeling upset and agitated then that is the moment to remember to let go of that feeling and shift your focus to a better feeling thought. It might take some getting used to, changing your thought, but once you practice and keep doing it, you will find that life can not be negative when you shine the light of positive on it.

Shine the light on the darkness my friend. Bring more light into your life through positive thought.