When someone says, “I’m trying SO hard to be positive,”  it brings me an image of someone trying (meaning they may or may not be able to) and SO hard (Hard feeling as if someone is pushing against what they want to do).  When you say that you are trying then it indicates that you may or may not be able to do it.  And when you say, “I’m trying hard” then you now have two words of resistance that is pushing against the very thing you are working on.

How about changing up your words and the feelings attached to those words.  How about, “I will be positive” or ‘I am positive” and if you forget to be conscious of it then just begin again without a big complaining tyrant about not being able to be positive.

It isn’t hard to be positive and take a higher vibration; it just takes practice and being conscious of the negative vibrations and the positive vibrations.

You get to choose the direction your life goes based on  your thoughts, feelings, and reactions.  Do your best to leave hard out of it because if you think it is hard, then it will be.  If you think you can do it over time, then you have eliminated that push against ‘hard’ vibration you were saying before.

What you think will become…