One of the best way to change our way of thought is to be conscious of what comes to mind in our everyday.  When we listen to that mind chatter, we find that sometimes that mind chatter doesn’t have our best interest at heart.  It is usually the ego that steps up and makes remarks.  You know, when you see someone who is wearing clothes you wouldn’t be caught dead in or when another is acting like you never would act like. The ego can pop up saying, “Look at her clothes. She should put something else on” or “I can’t believe how she acts. You would never do that.”  You see, whether it is right or wrong, we are making judgments and assumptions about what another does. We make comparisons and the ego tries to make you feel like you are better than that other person when we are all equal no matter how we behave.

When we remind ourselves that everyone has a right to live as they wish and stay conscious of that thought as we go about the day, then you are turning a negative resistant vibration into a more positive vibration as you gently tell the ego and mid chatter that it no longer has a say so in the matter. Then you can create a higher more positive vibration within.  The more you let go of the negative and embrace the positive, the more you will bring more into your life.

How about being conscious of where your thought takes you today?  Let go of the negative and replace it with something much more positive. Being conscious is one of the first steps to changing your life.