Don’t you just love it when you ask for something and then an open door just appears?  That is the best kind of feeling, don’t you think?

And then we sometimes ask for something from the Universe and it seems as if doors close and take us to a detour to a place we never thought we could be in…yet it happened.

What if I was to tell you that those open doors and that detour is actually taking you to where you want to be?  Just because it doesn’t look like a ‘Emerald City’ kind of moment, doesn’t mean that it isn’t.

You see, we tend to look at things in contrast and comparison.  Bad or good, positive or negative, black or white.  But what if we looked at things in a whole other way. Instead of looking at it as what we don’t want, we could look at it as the best thing for us at that moment so that closed door could be steering us in the direction of several open doors?  That detour could be taken us through the scenic route and helping us to reach a higher more positive vibration match of where we truly want to be.

Hmmmm…sounds to me like all doors could be leading to open doors…

I am offering a year of positive thought counseling and coaching through personal daily email for…are you ready…it’s usually 125.00…get ready…

For this week,  I’ll be offering positive thought counseling and coaching for a full year for 50.00! JUST for you! Yes, this means new clients and existing clients can take advantage of this offer.

Why such a low fee? I felt like it! lol 

How it works:

This is personal daily email counseling and coaching.  We begin with a few question I have about your life and what you are hoping will come about through our year of sessions.  Then we begin after you have answered the questions.  Each and every day we email one another (M-F excludes weekends and U.S. holidays).  I learn more and more about your daily thoughts and your patterns and then we guide you to open doors of thought for you to walk through.  You and I experience your life together and we make adjustments in thoughts and talk over the bigger picture of where you want to be. Our emailing is confidential.  None of my staff has access to what you and I talk about. 

I have clients who have had challenges in relationship, career, financial, ‘mid life crisis,’ hoarding, big life changes, finding a passion, depression, anxiety…you name it, I have had a client with that particular challenge.  I have clients that just want to have someone they can connect to and listen using me as their ‘voice’ of the higher self.  Many journal to me and say that I am their ‘answer back’ of a higher self to their journal. 🙂

I am not a doctor or a therapist. I have a certain belief of this Universe and it includes no judgment or assumptions but just the voice of the higher vibration of the Universe that flows through me. I don’t believe in telling you all that you are doing wrong (is there really a wrong or right way/ ;)) but encourage you to take a different approach that will help guide your life in a more balanced ease filled state. I truly am on your side and here for you.

If you are interested, please email me at: lifewithbeth@yahoo.com. Let me know your personal email address so that I can send you an invoice through Paypal. Once it is paid, then we can get to the inner work.

Ask anyone who has taken my counseling; it truly does put your life in focus and help guide you to a higher more positive vibration creating a more positive life experience. Your positive thoughts will change your physical life my friend. Let’s do this…step by step…