When you become conscious of what you are thinking of, you find repetitive thought patterns that really aren’t in alignment with what you want in life. Your focus may be thinking about what you don’t want in life instead of what you do want. And the more we put focus toward a certain thought pattern, the more that pattern manifests into life.

When you have a lack of something in your life; abundance, happy relationship, fun career, then we tend to focus on what we don’t have instead of being conscious of what we do have in abundance or in our career.

Become conscious of your thought today. Want more abundance? Then be conscious of your negative talk about abundance and open your eyes to the abundance of what is in your life right now; the abundant clouds, the many cars, the abundance of people walking, whatever you can find that is abundant.  You can do the same for relationships and career. Open up and be conscious of good relationships you see or maybe a good relationship with a friend. Think of the thing you enjoy about your career instead of how much you dislike it. The more you are conscious of the very vibration that you want in life, then the more open you will be to bringing it into your life.

You can have what you want in life.  You also can have what you don’t want.  It all depends on your focus and being conscious.